About Us


Brandt’s Family Tree Garden Center & Nursery was purchased in 2006 by its current owners, Sue Seefeldt and Kim Schermetzler.

Both of the owners are very passionate about plants and each has their own areas of expertise…
Sue is more of a naturalist and is most knowledgeable regarding the Shade Trees and Flowering Shrubs. She is also the resident ‘Plant Doctor’, able to readily diagnose a plants’ ailment and suggest the perfect solution.

Kim tends to be more ornamental and is more knowledgeable regarding the Ornamental Trees, Perennials and Roses; she has an extensive collection of Irises, Daylilies, Peonies and Hosta, along with a collection of Rhododendrons, Roses and Lilacs.

Both are avid conifer collectors and have a large selection in their own landscapes. Even though they use many of the same evergreens in their gardens, each looks completely different because of their personal styles… They also use many of the same trees, shrubs and perennials that they sell, so they know exactly how the plants will grow in Wisconsin’s climate.

Our latest addition to Brandt’s Family Tree is Kim’s daughter, Carissa, who is our ‘Web Princess’. She has created this site and is making this possible for us to share with you.